Stainless Steel Linear Drain

  • Model: QSG1083-1
  • Brand: COFE
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: L300-1200 x W80 x H75mm
  • Top-Spray-11

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    Linear drain
    SS top grate, SS sloping bottom channel
    brushed, with strainer
    L300-1200 x W80 x H75mm
    Thickness 1.0mm
    Outlet diameter 50mm
    (2" clamp down drain assembly QSS001 not included)
    CUPC certified




    Product Advantages

    ● This linear drain is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, corrosion resisting and anti rust.
    ● There are many kinds of top grate patterns to match the different decorating styles.
    ● The stainless steel tube with dia. 2 inches is with a SS strainer and ensures large flow.
    ● Size is customized.
    ● Many kinds of customized colors includes brushed, matte black, matte white, brushed titanium, brushed rose gold, gun dust and brushed gun black etc., thus meeting the customer's requirement.

    Production Process

    Plate selection ==> laser cutting ==> high precision laser cutting ==> bending ==> surface grinding ==> surface fine grinding ==> painting / PVD vacuum color plating ==> assembly ==> comprehensive functions test ==> cleaning and inspection ==> general inspection ==> packaging


    1. Read the intruction carefully. Keep a smooth flow of the drainage pipe, and keep the ground with this product well sealed.
    2. When using this product, the surface should not be touched by corrosive materials and should avoid hitting sharp objects to maintain the overall appearance.

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    ACS 18-653h
    ACS 18-652-huidi
    ISO 9001:2015-2
    Microsoft Word - 2013-C232-1.doc

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