Wall Hung Thermostatic Stainless Steel Massage Shower Column / System

  • Model: DLY019
  • Brand: COFE
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: L1200×W260mm
  • Top-Spray-11

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    DLY019 SM


    Size  L1200×W260mm
    Column  SS, chrome
    Shower arm  SS
    Mixer  brass, thermostatic 3-function
    Shower bracket  brass
    Top shower  SS, 200×200mm
    Body jets  SS, 4x4 (3pcs)
    Hand shower  ABS
    Flexible hose  1.5m SS


    DLY019_01 DLY019_02

    Product Advantages

    ● The square brass shower column has a mirror surface. Special colors can be customized to meet the needs of different people.
    ● Thermostatic 3-function diverter mixer can achieve one-key converting of different functions, averting hot and cold by turns.
    ● Stainless steel shower arm with SS ultra-thin shower head and concealed body jets can massage every inch of your skin, relieving fatigue and reinvigorating you.

    Production Process

    Main plate selection ==> laser cutting ==> high precision laser cutting ==> bending ==> surface grinding ==> surface fine grinding ==> painting / PVD vacuum color plating ==> assembly ==> sealed waterway test ==> high and low temperature performance test ==> comprehensive functions test ==> cleaning and inspection ==> general inspection ==> packaging

    Main Parts:
    Brass selection ==> refined cutting ==> high precision CNC processing ==> fine polishing ==> painting / advanced electroplating ==> inspection ==> semi-finished parts for storage pending


    1. Some of the parts are individually packaged (such as top shower, hand shower etc.), so consumers need to install them partly. Please read the installation instructions before installing so as to avoid bumping in the process and affect the overall appearance, and pay attention to the sealing of relevant waterway connection parts.
    2. During the initial installation, pay attention to the sealing of relevant waterway connection parts, and the accuracy of the installation of hot and cold water pipes. Read the intruction carefully.

    Factory Capacity











    ACS 18-653h
    ACS 18-652-huidi
    ISO 9001:2015-2
    Microsoft Word - 2013-C232-1.doc

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