Concealed Adjustable Solid Brass Shower Body Jet Water Sprayer

  • Model: PZT1020
  • Brand: COFE
  • Material: Brass
  • Top-Spray-11

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    Concealed back shower jet (brass)
    Finish chrome
    Body size φ95
    Cover size 124 x 124 x R5




    Product Advantages

    ● This concealed solid brass shower jet with an embedded plastic box is installed before construction, and a water leak detection will be made before installation, which makes a good apperance and smooth water spray.
    ● Install the cover so as to avoid scratch after the wall is tiled.
    ● The sillicone nipples are adjustable and can be designed characteristically.
    ● Graphic and contemporary design, total solution for projects.
    ● Customized colors are optional in order to meet the consumers' individual demands and interests.

    Production Process

    Main plate selection ==> laser cutting ==> high precision laser cutting ==> bending ==> surface grinding ==> surface fine grinding ==> electroplating ==> assembly ==> sealed waterway test==> high and low temperature performance test ==> comprehensive functions test ==> cleaning and inspection ==> general inspection ==> packaging

    Main Parts:
    Brass selection ==> refined cutting ==> high precision CNC processing ==> fine polishing ==> painting / advanced electroplating ==> inspection ==> semi-finished parts for storage pending


    1. During the initial installation, pay attention to the sealing of relevant waterway connection parts, and the accuracy of the installation of hot and cold water pipes and other functional waterways. Read the intruction carefully.
    2. When the construction of the in-wall waterways is completed, and after cleaning up the existing sewage, the overall waterway sealing test and related functional tests are carried out to ensure that the waterway is well sealed and the function is accurate.
    3. When using this product, the surface should not be touched by corrosive materials and should avoid hitting sharp objects to maintain the overall appearance.
    4. Pay attention to the cleaning of the waterways, so as not to block the pipeline and the silicone nipples.
    5. If the silicone nipples are blocked or the waterline is crooked after being used for a long time, please use a hard plastic sheet to squeeze and scrape the surface slightly to clean up the irregular scale attached to and around the hole. if there is intractable blockage, you can use brushes or plastic jumping needles with diameters not bigger than the outlet hole to clean and make the water outlet function normal.

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    Our Certificates

    ACS 18-653h
    ACS 18-652-huidi
    ISO 9001:2015-2
    Microsoft Word - 2013-C232-1.doc

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